My name is Kirsty Vessey;  I design and make the clothes for ‘Elsie Jayne’.  The idea for Elsie Jayne started brewing in 2008 after the birth of my first child, Haydn. I began the brand in a small shed at the bottom of my garden, where I created clothes and accessories for mums and children to sell at markets and festivals around the country.

The very fact that I am now a clothing designer is bizarre given that my educational and working history was scientifically based, initially.  I didn’t intend to start a brand.  One thing that I do love is learning new things, and I am glad that I learnt to sew and print because I now love what I do.  Our breastfeeding range was born out of the frustration that I felt when I could not find breastfeeding dresses that I liked, back then there wasn’t much choice.  I teamed up with Helen Howe, a pattern cutter, to produce a series of dress patterns. It was Helen who encouraged me to develop a range for children – the best piece of advice that I ever received! There was one last thing that I needed to learn and that was to screen print my own designs onto fabric. I learnt, with thanks to Pandora Johnson at Green Door Print Making Studio for her gentle guidance into the world of screen printing.