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Have you ever, like me, wondered around designer stores or browsed through social media sites such as Pinterest or Instagram and felt envious of the beautiful displays of stylish home decor?  Some people have that awesome talent for decorating their home with such style and grace.  I, unfortunately, am not one of them.  My home can be described as a hodge-podge [putting it politely] mess at best.  As well as having a poor eye for coordination and decoration I simply do not have enough money to fill my home with delicious delights.  Instead I forage for scrap! This piece of driftwood was found upon the shores of Wales – such a beautiful place.


This little project literally took five minutes or less!  Unfortunately I didn’t take any photographs of the progress [I’m an idiot!]. Nevertheless, this photographs shows that even an uncoordinated person like me can make something within minutes that rivals the beautiful decor displayed by the coordinated population.

MATERIALS:   Driftwood * A beautiful hook * Small screws * A drill


I soaked my driftwood in a bucket of water for a few days, then I scrubbed the surface to get the little bits of muck out of the crevices and left it to dry  [If you’re using a different type of wood like scaffold board you could probably skip the soaking step].

 Find a gorgeous coat hook – I used a coat hook from Nkuku.  Using a square [I used my dressmaking square] to center and level the hook so that it looks balanced. Or just ‘bash’ it on!

Drill the little screws to attach the hook to to the driftwood.

The next logical step would be to attach a picture hook to the back of the wood so that it can be hung. I haven’t actually done this step yet because I stupidly left my box of hook type things at home!

Even if you don’t have driftwood you can use a range of other scrap finds such as a piece of scaffold board.  If a traditional hook doesn’t take your fancy you could use an old steel spoon or fork and bend the handle.  The possibilities are endless!

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