Introducing – Rain!



For the past few months Pandora, of iNKIDOT, and I have been collaborating in secret. Pandora is an expert screen printer and an amazing illustrator, so when she mentioned a collaboration I immediately agreed. It is an honor to work with such a talented person.

Our very first collaboration meeting consisted of tea, biscuits, paper, brushes and ink. We had no idea of which direction that we were going in, we just had paper and ink – and of course tea. By the end of our little mark making session we both agreed that we liked the ‘Rain’ mark. ¬†Below is Steve modelling the first product of our ‘Rain’ series. We absolutely love this photograph, not only because it features our very first product but because Steve and his fantastic humor complements the bow so well.

‘Rain’¬†did not start out as rain. At first we called it ‘HAIRY’ we had no other ideas for its name. It just looked ‘hairy’. It stayed that way for a while, even now we still accidentally call it ‘hairy’ – hairy-bow! After talking with some friends it was agreed that ‘hairy’ perhaps wasn’t the best marketing name for the series. We deliberated, and deliberated and drank a ridiculous amount of tea… then… ‘Rain’ was born. Rain has a nostalgic feel to it, and possibly far more attractive than ‘Hairy’.

So, here we present the very first of our ‘Rain’ series – this lovely Bow is available for both adults and children.

A little bit about our fabulous model – Steve – also known as Long Trousers. Steve is also an illustrator of striking proportions! He comes to the studio when we are working and sits quietly hunched over his little book drawing, what I can only describe as, fantastic illustrations. If you ever get the chance, check him out on instagram – @longtrousers

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