Moose my faithful friend.



What can I say about this illustration, other that I am in love with it! Pan surprised me with this print, I think I actually cried. Moose was my first rescue dog. He was loving and extremely affectionate, and highly incorrigible! With Moose being my first rescue dog I had absolutely no idea of the challenge that I was in for, and no idea of how much in love with him that I would become.  On his first day he had a little squabble with my ‘baby’ Jack Russell called Molly. Once they sorted out their pecking order they became firm friends.  Moose was so friendly that he would snuggle up with my cats – Moon and Maddi (mum and daughter!). As brilliant as he was, he had one ‘fault’ one… huge ‘fault’!  It isn’t actually a fault because there was nothing faulty about him, but… still!

Moose ate. Everything. Bras, plates, glass, Baileys (the whole damn bottle), eggs, butter, cakes, poo, just everything!  I had to put a padlock on the fridge, but did that stop him from ripping the fridge open and stealing all the food? No!

At one point I had a friend living with me. I warned her Moose isn’t as sweet and innocent as he looks, and to keep her food locked away, high… very high. She soon found out that she didn’t keep her food high enough!

He got drunk – and more affectionate! I didn’t think that would be possible. He pilfered a bottle of Baileys that was hidden out of his sight and high up on a wall shelf in the kitchen.  He snapped off the top and guzzled the entire contents. I’d taken him to the vets so many times that they stopped charging me for the little things. I learnt so many tips from the vet! I’ll share one with you now, if your dog is daft enough to eat glass or anything sharp get him/her to eat natural cotton wool balls soaked in condensed milk. It goes through their system and glass or shards of ceramic will adhere to the cotton wool and flush out the other end!

Loving Moose didn’t put me off rescuing more dogs, in fact he taught me so much. Dogs are still capable of being loyal and loving towards humans even if they’ve been badly mistreated.  Moose’s early years was spent living with heroin addicts, he was often left locked in a room without food for long periods of time. With that knowledge I could never be annoyed with him when he “foraged”. Instead I learnt to make our home as safe as possible for him.

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