To flat-lay, or not to flat-lay: that is the question!

to flat lay or not to flatlay!

To flat-lay, or not to flat-lay: that is the question.

Recently a much loved friend and her family came to stay with us in our humble home.  Now, before I carry on I’ll tell you a little bit about Diana.

Diana is the epitome of fashion and all things pretty. she is an amazing photographer that is rising up through the ranks and is on par with the best of them.  She has a keen eye for co-ordination, and an amazing ability to work with children on photo shoots – I’ll insert here; Diana is the main photographer for our clothing brand.

During their visit, she had a stern word with me about my @elsiejayneofficial Instagram account! It is a mess! It doesn’t flow! It is random! And, uncoordinated! I share her frustration because she is absolutely right! I’ve always been a point and shoot and upload type of person. “You need to flat-lay” was her advice.

“I need to flat – what?!?”

Apparently flat-laying is the act of placing coordinating items on some sort of pretty background such as a wooden floor, or table, or a photography board.  The act is supposed to inspire elegance, prettiness and ultimately Instagram followers. And, you need Instagram followers to be inspired to become influencers, to inadvertently market your brand. Increase brand awareness so to speak.

“But… but… how and why?!?!”

Now according to the knowledgeable Diana, and Nathan – @dianamartinphotography and @therollinsonlondon, respectively – an Instagram account should flow from one post to another, tell a story, look pretty and most importantly be consistent. If an Instagram account doesn’t look nice, and is erratic the chances are that potential followers won’t add your account to their list. Consequently, losing potential customers.

“But… still… how?!?”

The trick here is to avoid looking at your photographs as stand alone images, instead coordinate a series of photographs mixing flat-lay shots, models, and photographs of things that have inspired the theme at hand – all the photographs must compliment each other. Avoid concentrating similar and repetitive types of images.  There are apps available that can help you to prepare your photographic layout before posting onto Instagram. One that was recommended to me is’ UNUM’.  Furthermore, before posting photographs it is advisable to utilise the brighten, contrast and sharpen function tools either on your mobile phone or use photo editing software on a computer.

My promise to myself…

Armed with all the advice shared with me I will be attempting to evolve the flow of photographs on @elsiejayneofficial to see if mixing flat-lays and coordinating layouts really does increase brand awareness. Fingers crossed that I, an uncoordinated blobby munchkin, will succeed at making my Instragram pretty!

I’ll say Tally- ho for now, I’m off to forage for flat-laying props!

Visit us next week to follow our progress into the adventures of flat-laying! 

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